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Women’s Spring 2014 Fashion Trends



Newport International Group Runway Blog



Fashionistas are gearing up to don spring’s hottest trends. This season is defined by soft pastels, lace embellishments, pleasing pleats and interesting jackets. The runways have played host to a unique array of prints and solids affording trend-seekers the ultimate in design for spring.


Pretty Pastels


Fabrics colored in soft pastel shades are ideal for separates from the cropped pant and shorts to office attire and daring dresses for nights out. The key to incorporating pastels into one’s wardrobe is to select flattering colors and introduce them modestly. Someone accustomed to darker shades is likely to be uncomfortable with a pale purple ensemble. Using pieces such as scarves, handbags and tees to introduce this season’s in-demand hues is perfectly acceptable.


Pleated to Perfection


The runways were littered with interesting pleats in the form of traditional pleats as well as those innovatively designed with a partial-pleat. Bunched skirts boasting only a pleated front are visually stunning and look great in staple shades as well as in the season’s popular pastels. The added benefit to pleats is they make a statement allowing wearers to forgo eye-catching accessories.


Racy Lace


Lace was prominent in spring fashion trend previews. Delicate lace is a bold look in flirty dresses and leggings and is a celebrated embellishment for spring. Ensembles featuring the feminine fabric may be flowing or fitting and always garner attention. Lace shirts under smart jackets serve to add a small sampling of this trend to a casual or polished look.


Jackets Making a Statement


One of the most interesting runway trends for spring is the captivating cuts of jackets. In an array of prints and solids, jackets are being seen in boxy and cropped designs as well as in boyfriend-inspired looks. These jackets add flair to both dressed-up and dressed-down ensembles. The interesting cuts are not limited to the length as the runways saw a fair share of collarless coats in the season’s hottest colors.

Not all trends fit every style sense, but trendsetters delight in embracing the season’s latest, most innovative looks. When sampling fashion’s latest offerings, savvy shoppers employ flattering looks inspiring captivating confidence.